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Christ the Redeemer, Davis, is hosting a Spiritual retreat on Saturday, October, 24th 9:30-3:30. Our facilitator is Lindsay Demary who holds a Masters in Spiritual Direction and is an experienced retreat leader.  More about her can be found here.

The retreat will be held at First Baptist Church, 38141 Russell Boulevard, Davis, CA 95616.  All are welcome! Lunch will be included in cost.

The Season after Pentecost, or Ordinary Time, is a time to focus on spiritual growth. One way to do that is to utilize spiritual practices that can help us to find God in the ordinary things of our lives. Our retreat will offer various stations centered on spiritual practices you can engage in to seek God through prayer—using our bodies and minds in a quiet space to simply be with God. We will begin and end with a time of communal prayer and sharing, and use the remainder of the time for experimenting with the various practices in silence and solitude. Lunch will be provided. Please email lindsaydemary@gmail.com to register.


Lindsay Demary & her newly ordained husband.

Lindsay Demary & her husband  Fr.Randy Demary


Incarnation Anglican Church’s Creative Approach

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Incarnation Anglican Church takes creative approach to Art and Liturgy

Incarnation Anglican Church has, from the beginning, taken a creative approach to art and liturgy. Their services are crafted in such a way as to follow the Book of Common Prayer, while at the same time, they include various forums for questions and artistic expression. After the homily, for example time is allowed for questions and answers, which people can text Father Josh during the homily. The homily itself usually incorporates some sort of popular song by an artist like Johnny Cash, Paul Simon, U2, or Coldplay. Since several professional musicians attend Incarnation, the offering song is frequently an original piece written by one of them.


 Click here for an example of the sermon from Palm Sunday, which incorporated Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence” to talk about the “silence” of God during the crucifixion.

Spiritual Retreat October 24 2015

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Saturday, October 24th. Deanery Retreat, hosted by Christ The Redeemer Anglican in Davis, to be held at First Baptist Church, 38141 Russell Blvd, Davis, CA 95616.

For more information contact Fr. Randy (530) 746-8302

New Sacramento Valley Deanery

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Under the direction of Dean Fr. Victor Schreffler Sacramento Valley Deanery serves to establish a cohesive Anglican presence of healthy church plants and existing congregations, for the sake of others, in the Sacramento Valley, by:

  • planting missional congregations and ministries
  • providing pastoral care and support for Anglican clergy, (Churches for the Sake of Others (C4SO), and others if requested)
  • organizing deanery wide events for renewal of vision and mission
  • Discovering the needs of our communities and serving for the sake of others.

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